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Resident Photographer

Lone Ballentine is not your typical photographer. He doesn't own a tripod, his camera looks like it’s been through the last few major wars, and he doesn’t know the difference between an F-stop and F Troop. He manages to capture amazing shots nonetheless, and goes to any length to do so - though he feels the image is not complete until it has been wrapped with a wooden structure resembling an old, beaten window frame (which is also his creation). The finished work has as much character as the soldier, himself. Almost.

Lone Ballentine

Guest Photographers:

Amy Yant - Astoria, OR

Kevin Romero - Sacramento, CA

Ross Lipson - Bend, OR

Steven Webber - Port Angeles, WA

As the majority of the images offered relate to the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, we would particularly like to collaborate with and/or feature photographers who are also from this area (though it is not a prerequisite). Please contact Lone to discuss options and opportunities!

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