Our frames are built in-house (well, in-garage, technically speaking...) right here in Sandy, Oregon. In addition to being our resident photographer, Lonewolf is also our master frame builder (most of his signature frames even have an "LW" or "LONE" carved on the back). The weathering and aging of the frames is art form all in itself, and we feel the finished result justifies the lab-orious process.

The frames start out as new Douglas Fir 2x4 planks, and after Lone builds them to size, they are beaten and bashed appropriately, hacked, sanded and occasionally even burned! They are then finished - stained ("Rustic"), painted (window-style) or painted/sanded/stained ("Dock" frames) by either him or Troy. Finally, every frame gets a coat of polyurethane to seal the finish and protect it from any 'unintended' damage.

The Rustic Frame Building Process:

Most people don't really know what all goes into making our signature rustic frames, so here's a quick behind the scenes peek at Lone doing his thing at his workshop tucked away in the Oregon hills.

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