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"The Room"

About our space:

We have an intimate stage with mics and PA setup, complete with a vintage drum set, vintage Hammond organ with Leslie speaker, a 70s electric piano, as well as a Vox AC15 guitar amplifier. These may be used by bands. Being that our venue is an art gallery (and rather small), we are leaning towards folk, country, jazz, and blues particularly. Unfortunately, our space doesn't accommodate excessively loud/aggressive genres. Additionally, we prefer original material, though covers are permitted.

Regrettably, we are unable to host music events now as we no longer have the stage or the gallery. Thank you for all those who performed as well as everyone who came out and supported! It was definitely fun while it lasted! Hopefully we'll be able to do something similar again soon - Lord knows we could use some live music right about...NOW! Until then, here's a really cool video by local musician/songwriter Jeremy Gates of The Cusp, in which some of the scenes were shot at Hood Art Gallery just before it shut its doors. Enjoy!

Bulletin board with pictures of some of the artists who performed at Hood Art Gallery:

(click to enlarge)

CHAD kickin' off the new season of musical teams with their cool brand of modern pop!

Chad Hood Art Live_edited.jpg
Kate Gallery.jpg

Kate Gaffney putting the folk into music, Bay Area style.

DSC01712 Evan White.jpg

Evan White doing an original number at our new line release party.

IMG_1898 The Future band shot.jpg

House band The Future (who specialize in "space western" music)...

The Future Halloween.JPG

The Future in orbit at the Halloween "Out of this World Gathering."

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